Indian Tiffin Delivery Service in Craigieburn

Do you want homemade Indian tiffin in Craigieburn delivered right at your doorstep? Are you looking for a monthly tiffin delivery service? Shann-A-Punjab is here for you. We know how badly you are craving for delicious and freshly prepared food with an authentic Indian aroma. That’s why, our cooks prepare hot, healthy and homely food at the lowest price and deliver it on daily basis.

Whether you are a student or a worker, our Indian tiffin delivery in Craigieburn is suited for all. We guarantee hot and fresh tiffin every time that comes with two seasonal vegetables, lentils, and roti accompanied with cool raita. We never repeat the dishes for a week and every day there’s a surprise for you.

Benefits Of Our Tiffin Service

  • Prepared fresh and healthy
  • Better value for money
  • Affordable pricing
  • You can order any day
  • Special offers on monthly packages
  • No repetition for a week

No matter, it’s a holiday or bad weather outside, our delivery guy will always be on time with a hot and healthy meal cooked with love. Our food is sure to remind the Indian taste you had back at home..

Why Order From Us?

At Shaan-A-Punjab, we are inspired by our Indian roots and love to spread it everywhere. For our lunch and tiffin services, our cooks have drafted a fusion menu that is a perfect blend of the traditional cooking methods and popular recipes paired with fresh ingredients and local produce.

We work around your schedule and are always ready to deliver hot and delicious food with our flexible and twice a day delivery in Craigieburn at affordable rates. Rely on us to taste the best food.

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